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A few words about us

TradeSquare is a fair dinkum Australian B2B trading platform for Australian SMEs to source products from Australian distributors and wholesalers. We have assembled an unprecedented range of items at wholesale prices and offer buyers 60-days free credit - all in a single online location you can visit anytime from anywhere.

Our founders and partners are experienced Australian entrepreneurs who understand your business challenges - especially in times of a global pandemic. We have lived through the hard knocks of running a business in Australia and come out the other side. Now we are here to help you do the same.

The power of our community is our mission - the platform is just an enabler. Our vision is to empower Australian small businesses by enabling them to transact directly through a digital platform that provides them with the tools and capabilities they need to grow and be productive whilst supporting the local economy.

But don't just take our word for it - people like you helped plan TradeSquare.

We talked to buyers including retailers, childcare businesses, schools, councils and HR managers seeking corporate gift ideas. They told us they want more product inspiration and choice when sourcing direct - and that they want their orders delivered on time, which is rarely possible when dealing with overseas trading platforms. They also find it cumbersome filling out multiple credit applications with different suppliers and they’re tired of trying to predict taxes and fees on imported goods.

Suppliers shared their problems too. All too often they discourage new small business clients because of the credit checks and paperwork process to on board them. TradeSquare solves that problem by vetting buyers and guaranteeing payments so sellers don't have to track payments and risk defaulters.

In the end it all comes down to trust. Whether you are a buyer or a vendor you can TRUST TradeSquare to take away many pain points in your business. Step on up and give the New Wave of digital wholesaling a try: we will help you grow your sales, save time and boost your profits. Deadset!

Our values

  • Community obsessed

  • With soul

  • Courage to spark change

  • Play as a team

TradeSquare's Price Guarantee

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