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Short Story
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Bath Blend Tree Top Haven *

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Detox / Clarity / Cleanse The Treetop Haven Bath Blend is a pampering tea soak. Detoxify and cleanse your spirit with an invigorating blend of cooling menthols, fresh eucalyptus and green tea extracts. Channelling elements of the Earth, awaken the mind, promote clarity and start the day in an uplifting state of confidence and focus. Find harmony and treat yourself to a refreshing spa experience. INGREDIENTS: Epsom Salt: Dating back over a millennium to ancient civilisations, salt baths have been used to cure various ailments. Including benefits to de-stress and detoxify the body, reduce inflammation and help muscle and nerve function. Rock Salt: Soothes and relaxes the muscles, lowers blood pressure, detoxifies and stimulates a restful sleep. Green Clay: Used for centuries by ancient cultures to cleanse and detoxify. Promotes soft skin while tightening pores and rebalancing skin. Essential Oils Blend: Eucalyptus, Lemon Myrtle, Cedarwood: uplifting, restores vitality and improves concentration. Menthol Botanicals: Soothes the skin and gives a cooling sensation excellent for focus and clarity. Green Tea: Loaded with anti-oxidants to fight anti-aging and tightening of the skin. Your skin will thank you for its many beneficial nutrients including Vitamin B to soften skin. Great also for detoxifying, rebalancing and anti-inflammatory. Oats: An ancient remedy to beautify, soften and moisturise hair and skin. Great for sensitive skin types boosting anti-inflammatory benefits, skin healing properties, an effective natural cleanser and gentle exfoliant. USE: Simply run a relaxing, warm bath and soak your Bath Blend Tea Bag. Submerge your body, inhale deeply and unwind the day away in an aromatic spa experience. Once finished, carefully cut the tea bag open and use the remaining contents to exfoliate the skin for a bright, smooth, glow. FEATURES: - Aromatic scented bath soak & exfoliant - 2 x giant tea bags in each box (50g each bag) - Put together by hand and heart in Australia from local and imported ingredients - No artificial colours, no synthetic fragrances, no synthetic ingredients - SHORT STORY products are not tested on animals DIMENSIONS: - 2.5 L x 15.5 W x 17cm H - 100g
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