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Meet TradeSquare
Buyer’s Agent

Let TradeSquare cut out the noise and find the right products for you, so you can focus on the more important stuff — like growing your business.

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We’ll do the searching
and buying for you

Based on your budgets, priorities and business needs, your Buyer’s Agent will do the heavy lifting of product discovery for you, so you can focus your time on growing your business.


Find the best prices
and deals

Working with a strict budget? Your Buyer’s Agent will find the best prices and deals on the products you need.


There’s no
obligation to buy

The TradeSquare Buyer’s Agent service is complimentary to all registered TradeSquare buyers and there is absolutely no obligation to follow through with a purchase if something doesn’t suit.

How it all works

  • 1

    Your dedicated Buyer’s Agent will get in touch to fully understand your business needs, budget, and requirements.

  • 2

    They will search to uncover the best products for your business at the best prices.

  • 3

    A tailored selection of products & suppliers will be offered to you, for easy ordering on TradeSquare.

Let your TradeSquare Buyer’s
Agent do the hard work for you

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