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How soon will my order be delivered?
All items listed on TradeSquare are In Stock, and located in Australia. And while each seller on TradeSquare has their own picking & packing process, it is our expectation that items are shipped within 2 day business days. Delivery times vary by...
My Order Status is Shipped but I didn’t receive my package. What do I do?
You can track your package using the Tracking Number sent via email when the order was placed. If you need additional assistance, feel free to contact our customer service team and we will assist you with the tracking process.
How do I track Items I have ordered?
When you make a purchase on TradeSquare we send you an email confirming your order. The email includes a Tracking Number so you can locate your goods online, via our website. To use the tracking service, after logging in click on My Account (https...
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How do I sign up as a Buyer?
Signing up as a buyer is easy! Click here to get started To register an account & place an order on TradeSquare you must first apply to be registered, to qualify as a buyer you must: Be an Australian Business, registered & authorized to operate...
How do I sign up as a Seller?
Apply as a Seller on TradeSquare → To sell on TradeSquare you must fulfill the following: - Be an Australian Business or non-profit, registered & authorized to operate in Australia; - ...
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Can I purchase items without having a business?
TradeSquare is a B2B-only marketplace, so it’s only accessible to businesses or organizations such as Schools & Universities, Not-for-Profits, or Government Offices. Of course, you may purchase on behalf of the business or organisation you work ...
I am interested in an item on TradeSquare, but I am located outside Australia. Can I still order from you?
We’re sorry, but TradeSquare does not currently facilitate international orders.
I recently placed an order but I want to change the Shipping Address. Is this possible?
If you notice an error in shipping address, please notify your seller immediately via your Order History ( Some freight companies don’t facilitate re-direction of a parcel once it’s been sent, so...
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Account Management
Why can’t I login to my account?
Firstly, remember we have 2 different login pages for our Buyers & Sellers. - If you’re a Buyer, please login here: - If you’re a Seller, please login here:
How can I cancel my buyer account with TradeSquare?
You can cancel your account on TradeSquare by reaching out to the TradeSquare Customer Service team via Live Chat, Phone or our Contact Us form so we can assist you further.
How do I update my business details?
Step 1 Login to and navigate to right hand of screen and Select ‘Account Information’ from the dropdown menu Step 2Click ‘Next’ button and then again on the following page until you reach “Which best describes your organization?” ...
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What is TradeSquare?
We are an Australian B2B marketplace where Australian Small and Medium-Sized Businesses can source products from Australian distributors and wholesalers. We’re here to make business purchases easier! As a Buyer you can benefit from: Access to ...
How long will it take to list my products on TradeSquare?
Once you’ve submitted your application to sell on TradeSquare, you’ll hear from our team within 48 hours. From there, you’ll be introduced to your dedicated Onboarding team member who will help get your products listed as quickly as possible. We have...
How can I contact TradeSquare for concerns and questions?
Contacting the TradeSquare team is easy! We’re available everyday on Live Chat, or you can also visit our Contact Us Page to fill out the form with any details you’d like to raise. Our excellent Customer Service team will be happy to help!
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