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Faux Natural Fern Tree 90cm

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Faux Natural Fern Tree 90cm

Carefully crafted to showcase its original natural form, this Faux Natural Fern Tree standing at 90cm can effortlessly give off an outdoorsy and invigorating vibe.

This masterpiece is great for both indoor and outdoor use.

Its delicate but full leaves will remind you of the original fern tree – only less likely to fall out and wilt!

Artificial Potted Fern Tree

Whether you’re looking to create a tropical theme or a natural green oasis, this Faux Natural Fern Tree will add characteristic to your space.

The bright fern fronds showering down is a beautiful structure without the maintenance.

Faux Natural Fern Tree is one of the most preferred decorative artificial plants.

Whether you have to fill a space, achieve a laid back feel or a focal point in your area, this plant is perfect accessory.

If you’re creating an indoor or outdoor landscape these plants can also add style while maintaining a wonderful look in your setting.

No falling leaves, no need for sunlight, watering and any maintenance.

You can’t go wrong with getting a Faux Natural Fern Tree.

The details of the artificial fern

  • Weight: 2.5kg approx

  • Width: approx 40-50cm depending on branch placement

  • Pot size: 13cm high x 15cm wide

  • More Information
    colour Green
    manufacturer location China
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