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Photinia (Red Robin) Hedge Leaf Screens / Panels UV Resistant 1m x 1m

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Fancy some subtle colour in your life? Our rockin’ Red Robin (Photinia) leaf screens will provide your walls with a whole lot of greenery, with just a dash of burgundy.

The dense and colourful leaves are highly realistic, elegant and perfect if you want a natural looking green wall. Plus enjoy privacy with a great view.

This vertical garden is highly versatile, available for both indoor and outdoor use, and also for domestic and commercial settings. It is perfect for patios, fences and even free standing hedges.

The best part? No maintenance is required and it’s super easy to install! Each panel comes as a 1 meter by 1 meter panel (as pictured). They can be joined together using the hole and lug system around the outside of each panel to make any size you want. Alternatively, they can be cut along the grid on the back to make them as small as you desire.

Each panel is approx 2-3kg.

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colour Green
manufacturer location China
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