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Princess Sky Hook Balance Toy

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Balancing toys have been around for centuries, teaching children and adults about the laws of physics. In Victorian times, originally called skyhooks, but also known as balance toys, were first made to demonstrate the workings of counterweights and centrifugal force: simple counter-weighted toys which could be set on a shelf or the rim of a table, and set in motion to everyones delight and amazement. They soon evolved into fun and whimsical objects, never ceasing to amuse and surprise: people loved to watch toys that were doing things that seemed impossible. In an era where the laws of gravity and electricity seemed magical, balance toys became very popular. Even though we now understand the mystery of the laws of gravity, there is still something fascinating and amusing in watching a balanced object lean and sway.


  • Spike up your middle ages fantasy once more with this figure of a princess mounted on a royal steed.
  • Just one look at this recycled metal, and you will feel the excitement of medieval matches of chivalry and princesses swooning over gallant knights.
  • Both the sculpting of the princess and the horse are sharp, while the color applications are all on its proper places.
  • If you have a big brother who just can’t seem to grow up from this world of knights and princesses, then this the perfect gift for him and maybe even make him want to collect the entire set.
  • Materials: Metal
  • Colour: Multicolour


    • W 29 x D 12 x H 57 CM
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