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The Paperie
  • Celebration Crackers

Race To The North Pole - Tray of 6 Christmas Crackers / Bon Bons

50% Margin
When Christmas dinner is over and everyone is more stuffed than the turkey, why not spruce things up with a (lightly) competitive race to the North Pole. These crackers are sure to provide an evening of endless family fun!

Each cracker is 12 inches/30.5cm long
Each Cracker Contains a Hat, Satisfying Snap, Amusing
Joke/Motto & Racing Santa
These crackers come with coloured stickers & racetrack in the box
Recyclable Cracker - The cracker itself is recyclable, however the
ribbon, snap and adhesive must be removed
Recyclable Packaging - The packaging is recyclable
Reusable Contents - These contents are designed to be used over and over again
Non-plastic contents - No content is made from, or includes,
any plastic
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manufacturer location China
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