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Botanical Balancing Face Oil

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Do you suffer from sensitive skin? Did you know that sensitive skin is the result of a breakdown in the skins natural barrier.  When the barrier is broken the skin will be prone to sensitivities, whether it be from weather, skincare products, etc.  In order to repair this one needs to rebuild the barrier.  One of those key elements in Linoleic Acid, also known as Omega 6.  It has been documented that sensitive skin in most cases has an imbalance in Omega 6.  By feeding this vital nutrient to the skin you help to rebuild the skins natural defense. In addition to rebuilding the skins barrier it is important to soothe and hydrate the skin while it runs through its process. To help you with sensitive skin issues we have formulated a botanical face oil with an array of cold pressed organic oils, high in Omega 6 and known for their soothing & hydration properties to help sooth your skin and rebuild its barrier.  These oils include Jojoba, similar to our skins natural oils, which sinks past the top layer of our skin and penetrates the deep layers where cell regeneration occurs, to effectively moisturise and balance. Passionflower Oil and Blackcurrant Oil can help reduce inflammation, protect skin from UV damage and work to heal and regenerate.  Our star ingredient, Kakadu Plum Seed Oil, with a beautiful aroma, targets skin regeneration and rebuilding of the skins barrier.  This is a unique oil and you will not find it in many products on the shelf today.  With over 50% in Omega 6, this oil is a true hero for sensitive skin.  It is also what gives this face oils its beautiful aroma. There are no essential oils in this blend due to their concentrated properties that could potentially lead to irritation.  You can add this oil to your already established skincare routine.  My advice is to add a drop or two of this oil to your favourite moisturiser or right after you wash your face.
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manufacturer location Australia
gender Unisex
Formulation Oil
Wet & Dry No
Suitable for All Skin Types
Substance All Skin
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