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Square Silicone Food Covers 6 Pack

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Reusable square silicone food covers 6 pack

Make the switch to our silicone food covers and never buy cling wrap again!

Single-use plastic food cling wrap can take anywhere from 25 to 1000 years to decompose. Due to it being made from PVC it is unlikely that any of it is ever properly recycled.

Our square silicone food covers are made from 100% food grade BPA-free silicone. They are super stretchy, meaning you can use them on almost any size containers. They will create an air tight and water tight seal, even better than regular plastic wrap! You can even use them directly on fruit and vegetables to keep them fresher for longer.


Our premium pack contains 6 handy sized silicone stretch lids that will fit almost anything!

  • 6.5cm
  • 9.5cm
  • 11.5cm
  • 14cm
  • 16cm
  • 20cm

The features of our silicone food & bowl covers

  • BPA & PVC free
  • Super stretchy
  • Reusable
  • Washable
  • Extra sticky
  • Vegan friendly
  • Dishwasher & microwave safe
  • Fridge & freezer safe
  • Temperature range -20o to 220o
  • FDA Approved
  • Use on cups, bowls, jars, dishes, trays, anything you can stretch it over!

Using our food safe silicone stretch lids

Carefully stretch the wrap over your bowl or dish. It does not need to be super tight to create a good seal. Always remove very slowly and peel the wrap off gently. It will stick to some items better than others.

Care Instructions

Our silicone stretch lids and food covers are all dishwasher safe. However, for best results we recommend simply hand washing in hot soapy water.

Note: Wash in hot soapy water prior to use.

Shipped from our warehouse in Melbourne, Australia.

Our silicone mission

Activated Eco is committed to providing safer and more environmentally friendly alternatives to single-use plastics. Why? Because such materials are causing untold damage to our planet. Our company was founded in early 2017 and is proud of the fantastic mission that we continue to uphold. You will love our wide range of reusable products that are handy for all sorts of jobs. From silicone stretch lids that are fantastic for covering food and bowls, to silicone straws that are a delight to drink from, we have got your needs met. Contact us today.

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